Together we CAN, 
Together we WILL
About Us
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Photo Gallery

Board of Directors

President:  John Cantwell
Vice Pres:  Bill Murray
Treasurer: Deniese Davis
Secretary: Taylor Clark

Dixie Kaster
Frank Lavender
Chris Linder
Mike Rodina
Rhonda Smith
Jim Woods
John Zawacki

Exec. Director:  
Newsletter and Webpage
Louetta (Lou) Braswell
                       Some of our Projects
Lawn Care for senior and/or      disabled  residents
Summer Youth Program 
Kid's Free Fishing Derby
Small Home Repairs
Home bound residents
Clean-up Projects
                 We are the
    "people lovin' organization"

         We have been  registered with the 
                   State of Kansas and IRS   
                          since April 1985

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Meet our LRA Board Officers & Directors

John Cantwell             Bill Murray                            Deniese Davis                 Taylor Clark
Photo to follow
​Rhonda Smith                Jim Woods                               John Zawacki                         Louetta (Lou) Braswell
Frank Lavender             Dixie Kaster                      Chris Linder                     Mike Rodina